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We cater all types of events in Austin. Check out our catering menu to see your favorite items served in bulk or in platters.
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You can find our foodtruck at: 3808 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704.

This is located on South Congress at The 04 Lounge.


The Food Truck

In 2013, ATX Boudain Hut opened shop on West Campus and began serving the local community of Austin Texas. Here, we combine the heart of Austin with the taste of Louisiana and Southeast Texas to give our friendly customers an authentic Cajun experience.

After several years of gaining recognition in West Campus, the Boudain Hut moved to South Congress to join with The 04 Lounge in serving the Austin locale.

Stefan Rice, Founder

ATX Boudain Hut was founded by Stefan Rice, a well seasoned cajun and industry worker who decided to take his experience and background into the field to put his name to his service. Stefan was born in Nederland, Texas where he was heavily influenced by both Southeast Texas and Louisiana cajun food—where boudain and crawfish were as common as a hotdogs. In 2012, Stefan moved to Austin, Texas and couldn't help but bring these flavors with him. And through the Boudain Hut, he chooses to share his influence with the community.

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3808 South Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704

Phone: 512-920-4423

Phone: 512-645-4112

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